Oh happy day.

It’s crunch time at the farm house, and I’ve never been more frozen with indecision, because PAINT COLORS–UG. Should I go with soft duckling in the living room? Or lemon curd? Or sunbutter? SO MANY CHOICES–and they are all ridiculous, and I just can’t even.

After insulation and drywall come a whole mess of decisions that I thought I’d be ready to make–turns out I procrastinate on even the fun stuff like picking lighting and faucets. Plus also husbands who do much of the physical labor in the building of a home apparently want their opinion to count for something when it comes to paint swatches, and no, fuchsia of any shade is not a remotely viable option for the kitchen.


Life is exceptionally crazy today and all days these days. Merrick is taking required reading lessons after school. Soccer and softball take up 4 days a week. Arbor just screams…adorably. I’ve come very close to making a successfully un-burnt dinner, and the laundry hasn’t once mildewed in the washing machine over the past several hectic weeks. We’re operating at 70% normal which I think is dang impressive with a month-old baby.

On the even brighter side, I heard Cheyenne’s actual voice on Sunday when she called to chit chat with the kids–I even got to have a mini-conversation with her afterwards, and I’ll tell you: college makes your tiny baby children sound like adults on the phone. I can’t actually be sure if it was Cheyenne, or some grown up impersonator. Either way, there is a skip in my step and a smile in my heart and all is right with the world again and I just love her and I’m proud of her little college self.

Also this baby:



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