As I type this (super duper quickly), Arbor is sound asleep (for a second), rocking back and forth in her swing.

And life is so, so good.

You can find 300 million posts online about parenting a new baby during those first few challenging months. I need not bore anyone anymore with the mundane (and also gory) details of life with Arbor. But can I just say that no matter how frazzled I look or how scatterbrained I act (*not an act.) (**At all), I am thankful, because God has been with me this whole time.

My favorite poem (story? Not sure.) is that one about the footprints in the sand–it might actually be called “Footprints in the Sand”–where a man looks back on his life and sees exactly where God was carrying him as evidenced by only one pair of footprints in the–wait for it…..sand. Beach imagery speaks to this Florida girl and I know that no matter where life takes me or what I’m going through, I can always always always trust Him to be with me and lead me and sometimes straight pick me up and carry me like I’m some sort of colicky screaming baby. (Not that I’d know anything about that.)

I can also tell you that when I’m counting on anyone else but God to guide me through a situation or to make me feel better about myself, not only am I putting unrealistic expectations on that person and straining our relationship, I almost always wind up sorely disappointed.

Life is busy, and messy, and tough, for all of us at one point or another (for instance: from five o’clock in the evening until eight o’clock at night. And also on car rides.) As awesome as my family and friends are at helping me and lifting me up in times of need, they weren’t put here to be my emotional babysitters or to fix problems I’ve created time and time again for myself.

There’s only one dude that I can truly count on, and He is no dude.

He is God. And He’s awesome.



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