Almost there.

Caleb to the kids: “I’m heading out the door. Are you sure you didn’t want the red and white tiles?”

Mia: “Black and white. Definitely.”
Merrick: “A fish tank with a glass top that you can walk on. With stone around the edge.”

I love all my kids but I’m totally living with Merrick in my old age.

The house. The house.

We are so close to being able to move in. And I’m stressing, because I need to know where to set up Christmas camp: the tree? Where does it go? Will we be moved by mid-December? Or should we just count on being here in the regular house until January? Where do we put the tree?

Other question: do people house-search over the holidays? Because we still haven’t put up that “for sale” sign. Nothing is ready. Toys are everywhere.
Carpets are ratched. And I’ve given up.

Here are some progress pics:






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