Good News

So. We can all stop picturing Obama as a mustache-twirling evil overlord laughing maniacally at his desk in the White House, toasting to the end of the world with a nice glass of courvoisier.


He’s not the greatest president in the history of our country but I’m 98% certain he’s not the anti-Christ. The next guy in office will screw things up in his own special way too. Don’t put your faith in men, y’all. Jesus wins.

I know not what it’s like to be a black man, because I’m a white girl from a fully-intact home. If I could trade places with someone else for a day to get a better understanding of how the world is through their eyes, I would. Really. But I can’t. Racism is real and it is nasty. But Jesus beats that, too.

I can’t give an informed opinion on Ferguson because there are a million different stories in the news and also, I wasn’t there. It hurts me to think a system really exists that keeps people of one color at an advantage above another. But I do know that systems–good and bad–break. Jesus trumps them all.

Miley Cyrus twerks and the Kardashians are real, and everywhere I turn my head, there’s drunkenness and debauchery and nakedness, and really, really terrible music. Jesus will make it all stop.

ISIS chops off heads. Politicians lie. Ebola rages. Droughts ravage. Authority figures abuse power. The devil has his grimy hands all over everything. But God be like:


God has a plan–it was put into motion before any of us were born. We must use our brains and speak out and fight against evil–but we can rest easy knowing that God has it covered.

And everywhere I turn my head, there are good things. I hike around in nature and junk. I get to watch children create art. I see the power of prayer in action.

A 90-year old man feeds the homeless in Florida no matter how many times it gets him arrested. Last week, 8 babies were dedicated to the Lord in my church alone. Today my baby hardcore belly-laughed for the first time. I saw a 20-mile long line of birds flying out of a gorgeous Oklahoma sunrise. It was freakin’ amazing.

It’s Christmas. We have hope. That child bringing us goodness and light? He is God’s one and only satan-trampling son. And we don’t have to trash talk or constantly worry or be afraid.



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