Christmas joy down pat

Cheyenne is coming home for Christmas break and I will be face to face with her in a matter of hours and she will be here and she will be here for weeks–plural–and she knows how to make cookies and she has blond hair and funny jokes and grown up arms to hold babies with

and I’m gonna mop the floors and organize closets and cook real food for dinner and maybe floss my teeth

and we’re gonna watch Frozen and Tangled and The Office and eat chicken nuggets and hot chocolate and I’m gonna show her the new house that we’re still not living in yet and the kids are going to bombard her with all the things and Caleb’s sister will get here

and the dogs will act all excited and the house will be warm and there will be extra blankets in the living room and we will be all snuggly and I will make griddle cakes because it’s my new thing and I want to show Cheyenne how much more awesome I’ve become at cooking things

and Mia and Merrick will make videos where they break dance to the end credits of Real Steel and Caleb will eat his weight in sausage and cheddar cheese and someone will manage to break an unbreakable ornament and no one will go to bed before 11 but everyone will be up before 7

and my mom will FaceTime us on my sister’s phone and my whole family will be representin and Cheyenne will see Arbor and she will fall in absolutely love and we will all eat cookies that are unburnt.

This will be our Christmas and it will be so dope.


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