The meantime.

Winter has never been my strong suit. The coldness is killer, plus without Christmas to brighten things up, winter only serves to make me really appreciate spring, summer, and fall.

January is a dark-hearted, soul-sucking pointless black hole of time.

I’ve been semi-clean eating for over an entire week now, Advocare-ing it up without the Advocare. No chocolate, no sugar, no real dairy to speak of except for the tablespoon of organic Irish butter from grass-fed cows I’ve been blending with my one tiny cup of coffee every morning. Sound crazy? It probably is but I’ll try anything. So far I’m a tad less hungry, a tad less tired, a tad less heavy, and Arbor is a metric butt-ton more pleasant, pretty much all day every day. Life is good in this way.

Caleb is kicking serious tail at the house this weekend. With the help of a good friend, our concrete floors are one step closer to being sealed and our toilets are one step closer to being installed, which is so awesome because I’m so tired of bush-squatting every time I have to pee while I’m out at the property–highly inconvenient, I assure you. So toilets? Yeah, they’re exciting.


Do we dare dream of a mid-February move-in date? By this time next month, will I really be putting the baby to sleep in her own crib in her own room? Driving the kids a measly mile down a gravel road to their school? Staring out my bedroom window at creepy black cows who are not long for this world?

More importantly, what I going to do with these painfully blank white walls?



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