2 more solid months of freezing winter.

Ug, hey January, Scotland called and wants its weather back. Gray and drizzly and cold, just the way NO ONE likes it.

I can’t complain too much–I have 2 healthy kids pinging off the walls in the living room, a sleeping beauty in my arms, and a husband who is hard at work installing stair treads and sealing floors and you know what? I have no idea what he’s really doing, but I know he’s gettin’ it done. Here are some updates:




And that’s where we are now. Whoever loves installing toilets, hit Caleb up. I’m getting real tired of “marking my territory” out there if you know what I mean.

I am going to make cherry coke chocolate cupcakes today for a Super Bowl party tomorrow. So there’s that.

Everyone has strep and flu. It’s like the freaking bubonic plague up in central Oklahoma, and quite frankly I’m afraid to take my kids outside. Mia just got over strep throat and what I believe with all my heart was the flu. Merrick and I suffered through it last week. Caleb and Arbor have been able to hold out so far. I am praying they will continue to do so.

Here was our Thursday:



…which is why I need those cupcakes to work out. Cause of deservancy.

Mia has encouraged me to publish the epic bedtime saga I’ve been telling my kids for the past three years. It’ll be ready in 2026. I know I’m pumped.

The Walking Dead comes back on next week.


Life is about to get super-eventful, y’all.


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  • Anonymous

    tell Caleb I said to keep up the good work looking so so good.and as far as the toilets go I would go with the ones that are a little higher 17 inches above the floor

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