Everything is awesome.

Today at the farmhouse I swept, picked up trash, painted trim, and installed some doorknobs like a total boss.


I’ve affectionately come to call this house “the Lowe’s house”, because that’s where we’ve ended up getting almost everything, including those amazing (cheap) knobs. Toilets, sinks, doors, lighting? LOWE’S. If its budget-friendly and in-stock, I am all over it.

Arbor wasn’t really into the construction scene so I can’t say I got a lot done. My husband has been nonstop working out there:


And a really cool thing? A group of his buddies have descended upon the house like little (big burly) construction fairies, buffing floors and hanging doors, and trying to install toilets that don’t fit. (Side note: the toilets we bought don’t fit.) Everyone of these dudes are handy and build-y, and have been instrumental in staving off Caleb’s inevitable nervous breakdown. Their helpfulness over the past couple weeks is enough to make this wife ugly cry.

And my friends? Are constantly offering to baby-watch/errand-run/grocery-get/house-clean–it’s a bit redonk. We are just so darn loved and blessed and surrounded by the most awesome people. They give and give and give of themselves more than humanly possible.

Our current house goes on the market in approximately 5 days–ish. A photographer will come take pictures on Wednesday for the 22 minutes that I can keep it clean. If you’re in the market for a cute little family house in an OKC suburb, hit me up–cause the sooner this bad boy sells, the sooner I can kiss this indigestion good-bye; the sooner I can sleep at night; the sooner Caleb and I can spend some time together alone as a couple, except with 3 kids all up in our grill which is a wonderful thing as far as I’m concerned:




We’re getting there.


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