The grass must be fluorescent green on the other side.

The sun is out and my skin is warm and my yard is dotted with yellow and purple flowers (weedsbutwhoevencares) and I highlighted my hair and spring is here and I am dying of gratitude over the awesome weather.

Except for tornadoes, tornadoes I could do without.




And life is good. My spirits are high. God just got me through a really bad winter. Things are looking better.

The house is almost done, though my fist flies where it may when our potential move-in date comes up. (I DON’T KNOW.) We have water and concrete and Caleb is working on all sorts of fun built-ins as we speak.

The sleep-training, you ask? So far Arbor is down for her pack ‘n’ play until about 2 a.m. when she screams bloody murder x infinity. Then, in my weakened state, I cave and bring her in bed with me.

Say something. What.

We’ll get there.

Mia is obsessed with Harry Potter. Merrick seriously asked me to google a word in the dictionary. Cheyenne is in college where her hilarious texts have no end.

Caleb has us both on a get-healthy type diet. He even so graciously informed me that with a little hard work, weighing what my 21-year-old self once weighed is not out of the realm of possibilities…so I graciously finagled the promise of a reward-vacation out of him once I reach that goal, without giving much thought to any one particular place I’d like to visit. The idea of going on an awesome trip with the hubster is an excellent form of motivation, so really I’d be happy with just about anywhere. But tell me: where should we take our bangin’ bods? I’m open to suggestions.


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