fog lifting

Another day, another 6 outfits to wash the baby spit up and duck poop out of.


Laundry relaxes me, said no one ever.

And can we all just collectively agree to call these little purpley flowers intentionally planted ground cover? Can we quit fighting and spraying and just make dandelions all the rage? Can we embrace chickweed and forget the fescue? I’m over it. I love purple flowers, and dandelions? Homegrown organic duck food. BOOM.

It’s officially spring but I’m still waiting on that one last week of freezing weather to sneak in before the triple digit temperatures start hitting. Normally we have a garden to worry about but this year, a maintenance-free weed patch has really taken off; a little frost isn’t going to hurt it. I will, however, have to wear closed-toed shoes and that downright enrages me.

Today I encountered sic fog on the way to take my kids to school. I stopped at the new house to take a picture of the fog but it was literally so thick that all I got on camera was blur. So I took a picture of my gate instead.


So there’s that. Also Caleb is a beast at built-ins.



I’m so proud of him I could gag.

Today is a good day.


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