So, so close

This week at the house we’ll be doing finishing touches and cleaning up–oh, and that pesky master bathroom shower that remains as untouched today as the moment we thought to add one.

Here are some progress pictures for you farmhouse junkies:



That bomb light is part of a matching pair of outdoor pendant lights I found at Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Norman–$5 a piece. I used the other one upstairs:



Also the bathroom sinks and faucets and mirrors are in, so we can all look pretty:



The hubster built open shelves for towels and junk, partly because we like open shelves and partly because they were quicker and we’re running out of time to wrap this bad boy up. Ditto for the vanity cabinets.

My bathroom sink:


His bathroom sink:


All mirrors we got at Hobby Lobby for perfectly cheap. Sinks and faucets we ordered on

Dig our kitchen cabinet handles:



Found them in a heap in a dark corner of the questionably legitimate Ghetto Door Store in Oklahoma City. The place is like a 3-story indoor junkyard, and I think they actually ripped us off by charging $30 for those handles they probably didn’t even know were there.

Here’s a glimpse into Caleb’s efficiently-sized office:



You guys know that he’ll spend more time staring out the window and daydreaming of what kind of farmy shenanigans he can get into next rather than doing any actual work for his actual job, right?

The  backyard is in dire need of picking up, but I can see all the glorious potential for all the flowers I will plant and promptly kill:



Caleb and a friend set the posts for all the porches:



Still undecided on a front door color.

I fully intend to join the Arbor Club to get 10 free trees to put all up in our yard. I love wide open spaces but I also like me some shade.

And there it is. Still a tad bit of work to be done but a move-in day is within sight at least. We are beyond ready.



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