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Monday morning. Rain. I slept like a big amazing baby on a log last night. Things are looking up and by that, I mean nothing was outwardly wrong but I am feeling a lot less mental today, and my anxiety attacks are becoming fewer and farther between.

I’m convinced they are caused by Tylenol.

The house the house the house. It’s literally so close to being done. I’m sick of talking about it and I’m sick of it being our life; but I am proud of my husband for working as hard as he has  on it, and I’m pretty impressed with his expert display of mad skill. Observe this tile shower:


Still have to fill in a custom concrete shower base, but you get the idea. There’s no tub in our bathroom, cause it’s a space-taker-upper and I just feel bad about all the time I don’t have to luxuriate in bubbles. So a massive shower it is. (I think measurements are like 3 and a half feet by 5 and a half feet?) There are shower heads on both sides cause I like to party, and also because Caleb always seems to need to take a shower right when I need to, and he is a water hog.

We tiled. I feel so HGTV.

Today is called mopping and sealing the concrete floors once and for all, and tomorrow begins the process of carting our furniture out there so we can do things like sit down or sleep in the house.

Arbor is sleeping soundly in her own bed in the closet all through the night.

The kids have just gotten over strep throat.

Ducks are truly disgusting.

My dogs brought home an insane amount of ticks from an afternoon spent running around the property. I keep finding them everywhere–on them, on the floor, crawling up the wall, crawling up my arm. I’ve never felt so disgusting and violated. Between my kids tracking in dirt and mud and grass, and the duck poop smell, and the dogs…idk, it’s like we’re constantly coming up with new ways to up the gross factor (around this house that we’re trying to sell).

I love April in Oklahoma because of all the greenness. It’s like Ireland or some junk, but with tornadoes.

I’ve been doing a little bit of writing when I can squeeze it in at 11:30 p.m. after all children are passed out and laundry is folded and things are fed. But mostly I draw. Here is a creepy man:


That is all.


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