Well, we accepted an offer on the house.

Let’s let this sink in: someone made an offer on our house.

Despite the duck smell permeating the air for a solid half-mile radius. Despite the dog hair that coats every surface including the walls. Despite the carpets that have been through the depths of hell and back, and then back to the depths of hell for an extended stay and then back, and then coated with dog hair. Despite Mia’s Harry Potter chalk graffiti and the weeds in the yard and the funky Gator-themed master bedroom closet paint job…someone liked our house enough to say, “Hey. I think we could live here.”

They must have children because they asked for the playset in the backyard–the one that was actually lifted up and blown over by a crazy-strong January wind back in 2007. The one that Caleb had to put back together with his own 2 hands and no help from pregnant-with-Merrick me, and no written directions.

I know not who these people are, but I know they are special.

Here’s what I hope they get to do here:

  • Eat dinner while being blinded from the sunset coming in through the kitchen window.
  • Climb the massive cottonwood tree that we’ve plucked and pruned to be the perfect climbing tree, get stuck way higher than they ever meant to go, and have a husband instruct them step by step how to get down.
  • Swing on the rope swing until it breaks and every one laughs at them.
  • Walk down the street and fish in the pond, and get a hook stuck in a fish’s mouth and apologize over and over to the fish while they try not to yank its guts out.
  • Teach their kids to ride bikes on the golf course sidewalks. Come home with sore legs cause those hills were killer.
  • Install a freaking tornado shelter that they never ever will have to use.

I wonder if they’ll wonder why our closet door has a small hole in it. I wonder if they’ll sleep with the windows open on breezy nights. I wonder if they’ll hang out on the patio and look at the stars. I wonder if they’ll let their kids roll down the grassy hill in the front yard. I wonder if they have dogs and I should probably warn them that I think a skunk takes up residence in the pipe under the driveway from time to time. I wonder if they’ll ever have to stick a baby in the closet. I wonder if they’ll keep Mia’s room purple. I wonder if they like a Jackson-Pollocked garage floor. I wonder if they’ll let barn swallows build mud nests and have babies on the front porch. I wonder if they’ll enjoy the blackberries in June.

Mostly I wonder if this house will be everything they hope it will be.

It was for us.


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