I walk my dogs and other stuff.

…at 6:30 in the morning, when I can still see my breath and the grass is soaking wet with dew or rain or maybe even coyote pee, and The Birds are going ape in the trees, and the sun is not even up all the way and everything is light blue.

For this specific duty, I invested $14.99 in a pair of these bad boys:


These rainboots were made for dominatin’.

…and I feel like a total boss in them, leading the dogs around on our morning jaunt to secure the grounds. Cesar Milan would be proud.

Call me The Beast Master.

Arbor suddenly started to eat tiny finger foods. Who doesn’t love a good Puff?


And because moving is stressful and there are tools and boxes and dirt all over the new house, I had to sneak in one teeny little art project to feel like I had some semblance of control over the mess. Behold this craft right here:


It’s pretty straightforward. You will need a marker, chipboard thingies, magnet sticky thingies, and, um, lockers.


Write. Stick. Boom: organization.


We are still deciding if we even want upper cabinets, and these lockers came in extra handy for additional kitchen storage.

Every other spare minute of my time is devoted to transferring belongings from the old house to the new house, and baby raising and puppy monitoring and chauffeuring kids and sweeping and cleaning and sweeping and cleaning and sweeping and cleaning.

And also looking bomb in my black boots.

That is all.


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