Meanwhile back at momma’s

Several things:

  1. And I thought straightening my hair in Oklahoma was tough.
  2. Everything at my mom’s house is different: for instance, the only working dishwasher when I lived here was ME.
  3. Bath towels at my mom’s house are so long and heavy that I had to make sure I wasn’t drying off with a freaking carpet.
  4. Random rain showers.
  5. Hell yes, cable TV!!!
  6. Enough food in the pantry to feed a small country.
  7. All our old bedrooms feel like posh hotel rooms and I feel super swanky.
  8. My folks have more baby toys in one basket than I do in my whole house.
  9. Something about mom’s house makes me want to SLEEP, just sleep.
  10. The kids are in cloud land fluffy magical heaven, mainly because grandma has a pool and a seemingly unlimited number of cookies.
  11. Pensacola gets bigger and busier every time I visit.
  12. Pine trees. Well, just trees in general.
  13. Seriously SO MANY trees.
  14. I can’t stop watching cable TV.
  15. I miss my ducks.
  16. Don’t we all just love visiting mom’s house?
  17. Even Arbor is taking a 3 hour nap.
  18. And the amount of family I can see in just one visit down here is straight ridonkulous.
  19. The kids are ready to move here permanently.
  20. I need a paddle board.

Pensacola. It’s good to be here.



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