prep time

Up with the sun and also dog wretching early on a Monday morning.

We close on the new house today. So there’s a two-ton monkey off our backs.

I’m obsessed with the music of Emmanuel Jal. It’s like Nelson Mandela and Lecrae had a baby and he became a child soldier of the Sudan, escaped, grew up and started rapping about world peace and the King of Kings. Every song I’ve ever listened to up until this point is a meaningless dead opossum head on my doorstep by comparison. (I’m waiting for it y’all.) Well, maybe not Hillsong or Lynyrd Skynyrd, but definitely Ke$ha and Kenny Chesney. Eesh. Sorry for that reference. So. Emmanuel Jal: look him up. You’re welcome.

Got back from Florida a couple days ago. It was as glorious as you think it was. We saw every family member God ever gave us and ate all the shrimp in the gulf.

Side note: people go to Africa and South America all the time to preach the gospel and help the poor and needy, but has anyone ever looked into backwoods south Alabama? Holy nuts there’s some real poverty and lostness and brokenness in that area if I’ve ever seen it–and I have, I just never noticed up until now.

I’ve been thinking a lot about God and loving others. I feel like God is doing some serious fine-tuning in this area especially since the last several months have been so stressful and angry; either it was all a test and I failed miserably, or God is getting me ready for some really cool stuff. I’m gonna have to go with the latter.

I feel obligated to mention that we are ALL called to do cool stuff, we are all designed with a great purpose in mind, and if you let Him, God will use you and your individual strengths in incredible ways that you can’t even imagine. My gosh I can’t even think of how different the world would be if we all stopped wallowing, got off our asses, and went out and loved one another for real.

So here’s a challenge for you on this day: if there’s some good you’ve been meaning to do, if there’s someone you can help, whether you’ve been thinking about it for a while or it just pops up, small or big, GO DO IT. Today. Put it on your list at the top. We are capable. We are called.

For me this minute though, I’ll just be sitting on my front porch with my endlessly-vomitting dog, reading, praying, and drinking coffee. Getting ready.

(I usually never ask cheesy “post it in the comment section!” favors but today I’m totes curious: what have you been meaning to that you are going to do?)


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