Gotta say

I’ve been informed that a hit has been taken out on my family unless I blog, but truth be told I haven’t really been writefully inspired lately. I’m busy though. For instance, today I’m on my porch built specifically for sitting, while my son mows our acres, my daughter goes to a party, and my baby naps soundly; a summer breeze blowing pretty uncharacteristically strong for this time of year, I have to tell you: I’m feeling mighty peaceful and my heart not pounding for a change and I can breathe and God is being needlessly good to me right now, you guys.

It happens often, I just don’t usually take the time to appreciate it. (But I sure enough can take the time to whine when things get even slightly hairy, like say if there’s a tornado or if I find an ant on the windowsill.)

I’ve even been doing a little painting:

(Merrick and I are working on a mural.)

Also my husband is back to normal now that we’re through with all the house building and moving.

Here’s some things that are nice:


Toni out.


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