I don’t say this to be dismissive because there surely is a time and a place for mourning within the church this week; but for pity’s sake if you’re a grown, educated, Christ-following, white heterosexual, it’s time to stop the following sort of madness: 


…unCAPS your lock, and probably stay away from social media for a while.

Same goes with the rebel flag. I love me some grits and Spanish moss just as much as anyone else but y’all–we are not defined by our state of origin or our sexuality or any stupid scrap of material. All this online ranting and raving hurts our witness more than helps. Get off twitter and go out and have an actual conversation with a gay person–not a conversation with your fellow facebook-Christians about gay people. Let the hard work of really loving people begin, because there’s no time to waste wallowing in our anger and pride.

And we have no reason to be so proud.



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