monday here

Today is like this:

  • I went to bed thinking about my morning coffee.
  • I woke up thinking about my bed tonight…
  • …and also how many ways I will kill my dogs today.
  • It will have to equal the number of times Smokey threw up last night.
  • And every night.
  • Throwing up at 3 a.m. Is something old dogs do to stick it to their owners right?
  • I can hear Arbor growling herself awake all the way from downstairs.
  • Literally, growling.
  • Our big comfy couch is broken and I could cry.
  • Mainly because we have to bite the bullet and furniture shop.
  • And deal with salesmen that don’t understand the “bubble” concept.
  • Or the “my kids are going berserk and I’m just here on a scouting mission and I know what I like can you please back off me and stop asking 3 zillion questions about my seating needs because you’re making this so much more involved and complicated than it is” concept.
  • See a couch, sit on it, like it, buy it.
  • Don’t call me; I’ll call you.
  • I really will call you because I appreciate the position you’re in as a salesperson.
  • Been there, dude.
  • I haven’t even left the house yet.
  • Winnie needs shots.
  • All my dogs need shots.
  • My kids need shots.
  • I probably need shots.
  • It’s 182 degrees outside.
  • Mia ran down 6 stairs last night.
  • She fell down 7.
  • Still alive.
  • Still walking.
  • I almost had a heart attack.
  • I am a tornado of anxiety, swirling about.
  • Cheyenne has a job interview at a cupcake shop.
  • This is the big time folks. Who really even needs a college degree when you can bake cupcakes for a living?
  • Seriously.
  • I would be so proud, and also, jealous.
  • Can we get some prayers up in here for my college kid and this opportunity?


  • Because I’m not gonna lie, a daughter who works at a bakery would be stupendous.
  • I could have the most amazing cupcakes once a year when I see her…once a year.
  • I miss my Cheyenne y’all.

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