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So my dog is suspected of having a tumor or a mass of some sort and I can’t even deal, mainly meaning treatment is going to involve simply a comfy bed and beggin’ strips, unless he gets a job. You guys, just…dogs.

Summer is wrapping up, sort of. I only have 3 weeks to buy 1.21 gigatons of school supplies. The lists include but are not limited to pencils, markers, rulers, eighty-thousand dollars cash, and an entire paper plant.

I’ve successfully gotten nowhere on the organization of my art studio much less the planning of art classes for the fall–something I totally intend on doing still, but based on the limited amount of time I find myself having these days, the classes will be small.

Small, but cool.

I’m heavily considering an opportunity to work with little kids on a regular basis this school year, mainly because I’m actually insane and, you know, because, God. I’m excited about the prospect, but as you know, I get mega-stressed out over big things, like when the kitchen counters haven’t been wiped down for thirty minutes PLUS there’s a dirty cup in the sink (hyperventilating about this as we speak) so if you praying people would pray for clarity and calmness…actually just go ahead and pray for calmness regardless of what happens, that’d be great.

In other news, I’ve learned that if someone from an oil company wants to put a seismic device on your land, and you tell them no, they’ll come back to your land the second you leave and do it anyway. True story.

In other news, I’m just kidding, that’s all the news I have.

Here’s my kid: 



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