September baby

That moment when your last (I promise) baby has been on earth and growing right before your eyes for an entire year.  

And you’re not really sure how you feel about that, like maybe “Yay! Love my girl!” or “waaahhhh, you’re practically in college.”



And now I have only 17 short years left with her instead of 18, and yes, I realize how insane I sound, but already she no longer sleeps soundly in my arms.


I still vividly remember the day I learned of her impending arrival. There was no creative news-breaking ceremony involved in telling Caleb; I called him before I even got done peeing on a stick because I was this excited: 


It was the scariest, crappiest, cankley-est pregnancy I’ve ever had the exquisite privilege of going through. 

And I’d do it all over again for a thousand years.



Because THIS GIRL–she is a gift.


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