a good saturday

Here are some things I wish:

  • There was such a thing as pumpkin spice advocare because I hate this diet on crisp fall days. I should be at a coffee shop in a poncho-sweater, shoving scones into my face.
  • My baby would stop pooping for like 2 seconds because I…well, it just goes without saying why. 
  • My husband would wear his boots AND his new glasses (bifocals, lol) all the time so I can pretend he is the world’s most intelligent firewood-chopping outdoorsman.

And those are the things I wish right now. Gosh I want a scone.

It’s fall. October, to be precise. My children have completely busted out of their old jeans from last year and we desperately need to go clothes shopping but no one wants to stop lolling in the sunshine on the front porch long enough to make the drive into town. And by no one, I mean me.

Mia has finally reached an age where shopping excites her and it’s kind of throwing me, to be honest, because even though Cheyenne was there at 8 years old, I myself was more like 14, and that phase ended quickly when I realized that BONGO jeans–the only jeans deemed appropriate for freshman girls to ever buy-would not squeeze over my man-legs AT ALL. Lucky for me, I lived in Florida so I could wear BONGO shorts all the months except December through February.

But I digress.

Mia is growing up and it makes me sad. But I guess getting kids to adulthood successfully is the end game of parenting, right?

I’m having good days and every now and then, a bad day. The kids cheer me up and run me down. Caleb is a source of support and also a source of stress. Life is hard and also positive, in general. 

I can’t complain about today.



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