It’s another glorious October Saturday and my spirits are higher than they have been in a little while, because? I can eat bread, mainly. Plus I got some other stuff working out in favor of family and everything that is holy. So far.

So happy fall y’all.

We went hiking yesterday as a family complete with antsy 14-month-old baby who has no intention of walking but every desire to get down…and then up, and then back down and then up again. For this excursion we splurged on a huge metal strap-on contraption that one wears when he or she wishes to tote toddlers or large animals on one’s back without much hassle.

Introducing the Chicco smart-strappy-baby-wearing-thinga-ma-do-monger 2015:


Show your babies the world without them getting on your nerves.

Product pros: lightweight (aside from the 30 pound un-toddling toddler), comfortable, folding, stand-alone, the list really does go on and on. Best part about our new thing? The kid is comfy cozy but not all up on your back, so you can sweat your brains out from the hike alone, and not from your little infant ball of fire. We covered close to four miles and not a single back spasm was had.

Product cons: none, cause we were busy hiking and having fun and eating our weight in peanut-butter sandwiches and fig newtons.


We went to Roman Nose State Park near Watonga, Oklahoma, in case anyone was wondering. A quick drive, a clear sky, and the best company a mom could ask for made for a really great experience: not too shabby for Toni. The kids were adorable little trail-blazing Angels, and the husband looked incredibly grade-A, top-choice dad-ttractive in all his baby-wearing glory.

So I’m thinking we will be heading out on more adventures on days when the weather is nice, 1) because that baby backpack was no joke price-wise, and 2) nature: I like it.


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