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This week:

Arbor and I missed a birthday party at a trampoline park on account of the pink eye…but Caleb took the older kids and I got to have an actual bath which was so glorious.

Caleb and I had to cancel our big Saturday date night on account of sick babies and their mommies…but Caleb cuddled up next to me and we redboxed and chilled (meaning: he and the kids watched “Pixels” while I passed out cold, drooling on his shoulder.)

It was cold and dreary for a good part of Sunday…but my husband gleefully built our first fire in the woodburning stove he’s been dying to use since May, and my house is cozy.


My best friends officially adopted their daughter, Selah, and my heart could not be more warmed.
Life is actually good. There is love all around me. And also strep throat, but I can handle a sick day here and there.


I’m letting my heart enjoy all this happiness.

Praise our awesome God because only He can take a soul that is tormented, and a heart that is shattered, and breathe life and hope into them. He can turn a teensy ember into a blazing fire. Only He could have made this day, this week, this month, not just bearable, but something to rejoice over.

I am convinced that there is nothing God cannot do…but I know that what He does choose to allow will eventually be used for our good.

I make eye contact with people. I smile. I sing at the top of my lungs.

Sometimes I am scared, but I am never ever alone.

There is so much to be thankful for.


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