Obligatory Decade Post

I just watched my dog casually saunter over to the living room coffee table and quietly gank the tv remote and then sit down in her bed to chew it like she pays the bills around here.


She does not pay the bills.

And then I was reminded of another time when I had not one but two fairly young, rambunctious puppies and an older dog, plus and 18-month-old baby girl, and we had just moved to a new house and it was the middle of January and I was cooped up, because of the cold. (Oh my goodness, it’s 2006! My time machine works!)

Y’all, I have been blogging like a nerd boss for ten years to the day, and this right here? Is my 1,000th post.

And if I could go back in time and punch myself in the face for pulling half the crap I used to pull, I would, and then punch myself again for writing about it.

(–Insert three paragraphs about journeying and growing and learning–HERE–)

Truth is I don’t feel very much older and wiser. In fact I am more confused about parenthood and marriage then I’ve ever been, and heck if I know how to keep a puppy from chewing up the couch pillows in the five seconds it takes me to go to the bathroom.

Life doesn’t get any easier, as it turns out. I didn’t get any cooler or smarter or skinnier or richer with the passing of ten years. I never sent all my kids off to school and went to to work at my dream career. Caleb’s never whisked me away to Australia or even Tulsa. We never moved back to Florida.

But here is what I do have:

  • Friends
  • Kids
  • Home
  • Love
  • Faith

Contrary to popular belief, one does NOT come by these things easily–but what else does a person need really?




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