Something about religion and politics

Separately, the two topics are super easy to bring up and discuss at length in any situation, amirite, but together

DOUBLE THE FUN, especially sarcastically, like for when you want your family and friends to avoid you for the rest of your natural life.
Here’s the thing: there are so many Trump supporters in my social circles. Pretty sure the entire American south is Trump country. And I’ve heard every argument for why he’d make a great president. I get it, you guys. I do–at least, I get it from the people who have never said things along the following lines:

We’ve got to get this country back to God. We need a president with a strong faith and good Christian morals.”

What exactly is it about Donald Trump that screams “Christ-like” or “God-fearing”?

As far as economics go, he’ll kick butt. That is his thing. Sadly, that’s the real reason why I suspect most people, who traditionally vote (or claim to vote) based on their Christian beliefs, are suddenly and inexplicably abandoning the principles they’ve so vocally upheld until this election.
I’m not even trying to talk any non-Christian out of voting for the guy–who, as far as I can tell, is just another man made in God’s image, putting his pants on one leg at a time. This is just the part where we respectfully agree to disagree.


But if you are a faithful Christian who has prided yourself on voting according to your religious beliefs, the bottom line is this: there truly is no way that you can justify backing Trump without killing your witness–and that’s a real issue based on things I’ve heard and read from several unbelieving Trump supporters I know and love.

Tomorrow matters.

Not so much because of who is or isn’t in the White House, because Christ never came to establish a political nation for himself–even though that’d be sweet. He came to win hearts; yet our hearts are collectively off-track, and we need a serious gut check, sooner rather than later.

Today matters. Next year matters.

I won’t freak out when so-and-so is actually elected. What faith I lack in our government, I make up for in Jesus and in the resilience of His people.

Work hard and pray hard.

Put others before yourself.

Read the Bible.

Teach your children about God.

Love Jesus.

The rest is not up to you. (Or Donald. Or Hilary.)


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