Last week my husband and I saw “Independence Day: Resurrection”. Laugh all you want if you got your way and your husband took you to see Ghostbusters, but it was chill because I’m a total fangirl when it comes to ridiculously cheesy action flicks that star any Hemsworth plus Jeff Goldblum.
Anyhoo, there is a smarmy horrible man-character who very clearly gets on the ever-loving last nerve of a muscular ass-kicker from Africa. Nothing touches him; he is a true beast when it comes to slaying aliens and the nerdy guy looks up to him. In the end, African Ass Kicker says to the nerd, “You have the heart of a warrior.”

He didn’t just attain the heart of a warrior simply because the Ass Kicker said the words out loud. The Nerd Boy had it all along.

Stay with me here.

Just got through the first couple pages of my BFF Dr. Tony Evans’ “Kingdom Woman” for the eighth time, and it’s finally sinking in: I am a kingdom woman. Not a church woman, not a religious woman, and not a worldly woman. A kingdom woman doesn’t just act nice in front of other people. She loves herself and respects herself because she was created in the very image of God Himself. She was given authority to rule over all the earth. She is treasured, and loved beyond human comprehension before she was even born. Her heart is at peace and her soul is strong. She is a protector and a fighter and a leader. She is fierce. And because of these things, she honors the God who made her, and is devoted to the King who died for her.

I wanted this book to teach me how to be a better Christian; what I needed to remember was that, simply by being born, we are loved by God more than we will ever understand, and we have privileges and responsibilities as His daughters that apply to us no matter how many bible verses we memorize, or how often we go to church.

So hold your head up high, girls. You are powerful and you are cherished and you belong.

Also you have the heart of a warrior.


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