Remember that time when the Israelites had left Egypt, and they were wandering in the desert, and they were all whining like “Goddddd, we are so sick of this manna from heaven. At least as slaves in Egypt we had celery. Could we PLEASE get some meat up in here?” And God was all like “LOLZ ok, you asked for it.” And then he sent a billion quail and the Israelites ate quail until they were literally throwing it up out the nose?

I feel like we might be in a similar situation now (and really, since the primaries): getting just what we asked for.

People who have backed Trump this whole time are thanking God for answered prayer. People who have been pushing for Hillary are now lamenting how racist and sexist their neighbors must be for Trump to have pulled this thing off.

Everyone is saying “God is still on His throne.” (THAT SHOULD ACTUALLY SCARE US.)

And then there are people like me, who would have been scared and unsure no matter what the outcome of this election. I don’t think I am racist or sexist or hateful, but I am not for dishonesty and corruption.

Is it too much to ask for the leader of our nation–my country, my home–to be a kind AND honest person? To be NOT a lunatic but also not a criminal? To protect the sanctity of life inside the womb, BUT ALSO support the dignity of life outside the womb? To allow gay people to have the same legal rights as straight people, but to allow people of a faith to live in a way that they believe to be God-honoring? To provide safe and effective borders but also to provide love and refuge to those seeking to escape the desolation and poverty of their own countries? To be diplomatic but also firm when it comes to dealing with other world leaders? Why do democrats and republicans have to be so opposite? Are Americans really so polarized on all of these important issues? Is there not a middle ground?

If you’re wondering what to say to your kids, tell them we live in a country of many choices, and not all of them are good. Tell them we have a leader, and yes–we do fall under the authority of a government–but we can ask questions and speak up. We can vote. We can and should get involved. Hell, we can run for office.

Tell them we won’t always be happy and we won’t always agree. Tell them we might not understand the people on the other side–but that doesn’t make them evil.

Teach them that we could be living in a war-torn land under the tyrannical rule of the combined powers of Iran and Mexico, with no cherry poptarts and no dental, but that our spirits are still free and we can STILL be kind, honest, hard-working, loving, and God-honoring.

And then let’s stop fighting, roll up our sleeves, and do the hard work of making ourselves a country to be proud of.


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