Pierce the night

I used to hate spring. Used to think, “Ugh, allergies. Ugh, 2 more months of school. Let’s just skip it and move straight into summer.” Maybe it’s because Florida winters were never really cold and bleak enough to make me long for spring warmth.
And then, Oklahoma: where the wind comes sweeping down the plain and murdering my nerves with 20 degree temps hurled at my face at 80 mph for a solid 4 months. I have never hated winter more. Dark, cold, dead–that’s what real winter is like, and it is literally the worst.

Springtime in Oklahoma, though–that first mildly warm day, those first green buds on bare branches, little green shoots of grass breaking through my crunchy brown lawn–is a welcome and celebrated season for me now. Oh how good that sun feels on my face! Thank you God for this warm-ish day, for these little purple weeds adding color to the landscape, for these extra few hours of daylight. 

And how much more easily I can grasp the true joy of Easter–after a dark and cold and dead three days, a light shoots forth; it has got to be the most beautiful light there ever was. Never is there a more welcomed glimmer of sunrise than after a long, scary, pitch-black night.

Jesus is that light. He is miraculous life after a painful and tragic death.

One of my favorite songs is “O Praise The Name (Anastasis)” by Hillsong. Aside from Hillsong lyrics being like cursive in my mouth anyway, this song is pretty much the most bombest Easter song there ever was:

“His body bound and drenched in tears,

They laid Him down in Joseph’s tomb

The entrance sealed by heavy stone

Messiah still, and all alone.

…Then on the third, at break of dawn

The Son of Heaven rose again.

Oh tremble death! Where is your sting?

The Angels roar for Christ the King!” 
Jesus has been God’s plan of rescue and redemption from the beginning. He is God in human form and He is for everyone. The hardest heart. The worst sinner. The most unrepentant unbeliever. He came for the most broken, the hurting, the angry, the vengeful, and the lonely. He came for us, all.

There is no ground too frozen that He can’t break through. No dark corner where His light can’t reach. There’s nothing and no one in this world that is so far gone that He can’t heal and fully restore.

And spring–new life, green buds, purple weeds, warm sunshine–is a physical reminder of this good news: His love for the people He created, and His power over death.


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