Joy sometimes

If you know me at all, you know I joke around…entirely too much. I love to make people laugh even more than I love laughing myself, which is a lot.

Humor has also always helped me process and deal with difficulties and hardships, so when I joke about the tough stuff I often run the risk of offending at least one person I love and respect. Sometimes that person speaks to me directly and we reconcile our differences and go on being friends laughing over coffee; but sometimes I hear it through the grapevine that I’m on someone’s “list”. This is sad to me because 1) I assume my friends and I are all adults and we can speak freely to each other and work things out. 2) The amount of which I love to laugh is equal to the amount of which I hate hurting my friends’ feelings–I am more than willing to apologize and ask forgiveness when I have hurt someone. 3) Assuming that everything is fine because no one has directly told me otherwise, I am now onto something totally different and cracking up over the next joke and they’re totally missing it and I have no idea why, which sucks. For them.

And also: I have zero patience for grudges. No patience. None. I don’t even have enough patience to hold legit grudges of my own.

Because I’m too busy coming up with over-exaggerated and hilarious descriptions of real-life observations/brainstorming ways to protect my home from impending alien invasion/cleaning up crap from my 1,009 children/wife-ing my 84% more attractive husband/ snorting fat rails of pure white granulated sugar off the kitchen counter in the afternoon in front of the kids and trying not to have the diabeetus/chasing broody hens out of the woodshed/etc etc etc.

So for the record: Diabetes isn’t a simple diet-curable illness and I’m sorry to perpetuate misconceptions about the disease by laughing uncontrollably at Unicorn frappe jokes. I have never snorted sugar nor have I ever planned a Skittles-n-poptarts party, for crying out loud. If anyone asks for my advice, I shall give it to them prayerfully and whole-heartedly to the best of my ability based on my personal experiences and my understanding of God’s hope for us all. Extreme liberals and extreme conservatives drive me dang near crazy equally, just so we all know. I don’t hate 9-year-olds with iPhones, or their parents. I don’t actually think anyone is stupid, and if you didn’t already know that, you’re stupid. I love our church’s Wednesday night kids’ program. I fully support a parent’s right to homeschool their children. Your dog is cute but I will murder it if it bites me while I’m out walking. I do love all my kids and I am blessed to be able to get pregnant just by breathing. Jesus is undeniably, inarguably Lord of Heaven and Earth.

LIFE IS FUNNY Y’ALL. It is. Especially the tricky parts. I try not to take myself too seriously but it happens. Ain’t nobody got time for anger and bitterness and grudges. Talk things out. Reconcile with your brothers. Find ways to connect with other people. Be joyful in all things; it has been gifted to us. Share that joy.


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