The new girl

It’s been a week.

We have baby Lucy in our arms.

Cheyenne is here, cooking up a storm and all hope is lost, as far as me losing any pregnancy weight goes.

Mia and Merrick and Arbor are in love with their new little sister.

Caleb and I are exhausted but probably no more than usual.

We’re gearing up for a visit from Florida fam; it’s exciting to think that in just 3 days, we will all be gathered around Lucy, watching her sleep and breathe.

Lucy got here after the world’s longest pregnancy. I’d never been so painfully uncomfortable so a two-week early induction date was welcome, if not begged for.

(Insert accurate comments about being ready to pop HERE.)

Lucy took her time making her grand entrance, which was totally cool since I was all doped up on those good, good meds in a quiet hospital room with free wifi and HGTV. I did have to make it through a few hours of questionably tolerable contractions before I was given the option of an epidural but I figured “last baby, last time to remember how much of a pansy I really am”.


After 3 weeks of solid pre-labor symptoms, 8 hours of pitocin-induced hardcore but pain free actual labor, 1 minute and two pushes, I finally got my Lucy.

And I love her, I love her, I love her.

I’ve only wanted a Lucy since I was 12; Valor–“bravery, courage, spirit; especially in the face of danger“–was a shoe-in for her middle name, because being a “brave light” is everything we want for her.

Let your light so shine so that others will see and glorify God.

Matthew 5:16

God has blessed us with a healthy little girl. I’m overwhelmed by the love and support we’ve received from our friends and family. I’m also still in a bit of a sleep-deprived brain fog and getting ready to eat the world’s most delicious brunch, cooked by my sweet oldest daughter:

Life is insane.

And really, really good.

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