What we’ve been given

Sometimes when I got the seasonal depressions and the anxiety and I’m feeling cooped up and pissed off, I have to remember this about my faith:

That God is God and He is worthy of praise

And as biblically cliche as that sounds

It’s true. God is unchanging

And God is love

Crazy stupid sacrificial love

And what he expects of me as A daughter is not theology degrees out the butt

Or memorized verses for dayz or a recitation of just the right scripture at just the right time

Or my culturally relevant jokes and amazing humor and mediocre wit

Or my willingness to forgive those who pose no further threat to me

Or my killer hospitality when I’ve got nothing better to do

Or my in-season Target ensemble complete with perfect beach waves created in a cold Oklahoma bathroom

Or my bumper sticker

Or my cross tattoo

Or my organizational skills

Or my right living of my right life

And instead


That the God who creates universes

Knows how many hairs are on my head

And I am His

And so His will is my mission

To share hope

And to serve

And pray

That they will know me by my love, by my stupid lavish love that makes no damn bit of sense

Even to those who claim Christ

Given freely to people who do and do not deserve it

And that I can be both imperfectly human and mess up and still be treasured

And I can survive long angry nights to fully appreciate the light

And I can reflect His light

In a world struggling in darkness

And if I can do it…


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