For the love of Marvel

Y’all. Y’ALL.

Black Panther–Sssshhh everyone shut up.

I finally conned my husband into handling bedtime duty on his own so Mia and I could go see this movie. I’m gonna go ahead and tell you, I haven’t geeked out this hard since I saw the first preview for “The Wolverine” back in 2009. And I don’t mean cute fangirl-out, I mean I full-on comic book-obsessed NERDED UP.

I can’t.

I’m still dead.

The colors.

The themes.

The ass kickery.

And can we talk about the Wakanda women? So much awesomeness should not legally be allowed in one film. But it is, and Mia and I squealed about it all the way home from the theater.

This movie couldn’t have been any better even if I had been allowed to go off my clean-eating schedule and shove that glorious golden chemical-laden movie popcorn down my face. I forgot all about my salad-induced sadness. In fact, I’m still psyched out of my mind, because I love T’Challa; T’Challa is ma lyfe.

And don’t get me started on the preview for “Solo”.

These days are slow and busy all at once. Lucy decided to crawl. She ate her first meal in a high chair last night. She’s also taking cues from Arbor by screaming at random. Her vocal range is impressive; unlike her big sister, though, her screams are jubilant rather than angry, which I can handle any day. I guess she’s gotta be loud if she’s to compete with all the noise around here.

Caleb and I are theoretically preparing for sheep. The big kids are neck-deep into all manner of sports and school projects. There are about a million possible life-changing changes on the horizon for our family. And most of all, we are ready for spring.


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