Western Christianity has 99 problems and unforgiveness is about 75 of them.

Guys guys guys. Wanna be so radical and counter-cultural? Drop the stone-cold act and forgive some folk. Stop holding onto old hurts. Stop digging in those heels. Unclench your teeth. Enough with the grudge matches.

Own up to the parts you may have played in any falling-outs you’ve had with friends and family over the years. Admit your failures. Apologize for your wrong doings.

Life is too freakin’ short to be crappy to someone made in God’s image. Let your heart rest from exhausting bitterness.

It took me a year of therapy and some serious spiritual warfare to get these things from my head to my heart, and it’s still a struggle, though I kept careful notes.

And there are days when I put that little pot of anger on a back burner and then switch it to the front and watch it boil over before I realize it was a waste of time and now I have a big stupid mess to clean up.

But if Jesus Himself died to teach us how to truly forgive, then forgiveness is definitely one of the more non-optional things to strive for as a Christian.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean instant trust and restored relationship. But it does mean you are releasing someone from the pain you feel they deserve. And that can be a hard pill to swallow.

But it’s the way of the cross. You can listen to all the Lecrae in the world. You can attend every IF table. You can quote Beth Moore and wear “Coffee and Jesus” t-shirts, you can decorate your bible and highlight verses until your head pops off.

But without love, it’s all for nothing.

Don’t be a gong.


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