Caleb has no chill when it comes to having babies.


We’ve had a lot of well-meaning people say to us “Oh I hope it’s boys. You need more sons! Caleb deserves more boys!”

Well let me tell something to you.

If there’s one thing in the whole wide world my husband deserves, it’s daughters.

I love him, and he’s a changed man, but he was a player for far too long, and a scoundrel one too many times, and it’s come back to bite him right in the freakin’ face.

This man deserves all the girls.

Karma is not a bitch; she’s a pretty little freckle-faced ninth-grader who just figured out boys exist.

Karma is a psycho 3-year-old with wild blond curls and ice blue eyes, who wants to drink cranberry juice from a Minnie Mouse cup on the way to the ballpark in a ballerina tutu.

Karma is a delightfully adorable, smiley, sparkly-eyed little baby who snuggles her daddy’s scratchy chin and coos and kisses and basically reigns supreme and gets everything she wants with her sweetness.

Karma is also a 38-year old woman who can’t stomach her coffee because she’s pregnant with twins. (So, maybe Karma is a little bit of a Krusty Krab.)

Caleb deserves to be there for every heartbreak, for every victory, for every single solitary daughter-unique issue that may crop up over the course of the next forever. I love watching him with our children. He’s a good dad to girls.

Plus we do have a son–and if that’s the only son we ever have, Merrick’s the best of the bunch.

And if God so wills it for our family, we will have babies who arrive alive; whether they are sons or daughters is not something I’m so concerned with. I will be so happy to welcome any combination of kiddos, and if it happens to be a set of daughters, we all know why.


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