Thoughts on a Friday

Here’s what’s up: we bought a cow.

And not just any cow–a dead cow, which is Tetris-ed into our deep freezer, all cut up and delicious-looking, and now we can play a dangerous game of “Steak” whenever the mood strikes us over the course of the next year.

It’s a thing people do up here, and I don’t feel one bit bad about it, especially since this cow was a happy, healthy, pampered grass-fed farm cow who lived his best life yesterday and is now going on to serve his higher purpose of nourishing my family of ninety, may he Rest In Peace, this cow, in my belly.

We have also done this exact thing to a pig, except we got to know the pig first and feed the pig and love the pig and name the pig. Brunch, the pig, made the ultimate sacrifice non-voluntarily, and well–farm life has gotten a lot better since we started eating mo’ bacon.


In other news, Mia is still playing softball 24/7. She is *allegedly* in high school, which is probably a bogus lie the government got me to believe by rearranging time and space and making me think it’s the made-up year of 2018.

Merrick is loving 5th grade and is obsessed with basketball and breaking so-and-so’s ankles (I’ve heard this phrase eighty times a day for a year and I still don’t know and don’t care what it means) and flossing. OH THE FLOSSING. So much flossing going on in this house. It’s insanity, with the flossing.

Arbor, Lucy, and I are back to our quiet weekday routine where we make breakfast, clean the house, read books, take naps. Lucy smiles and laughs and bats her eyelashes adorably almost all day long. It’s a fantastic routine, and I have trained Arbor to lay quietly next to me in my bed while I conk the junk out for an hour during Lucy’s nap, and not to move or disturb me under no circumstances. She usually never sleeps, just watches a video and draws “tattoos” all over herself with a ballpoint pen, but I wake up feeling completely unrefreshed and covered in my own slobber, so it’s a win-win for both of us.

Caleb started a new job doing the same old thing for a new company, except now he’s jazzed because he can see progress being made whereas with his old company, each day ended with the same frustrations and the future did not look promising.

So here we are in this moment: new job, twins coming, kids thriving, autumn pending, and life is sweet.

For us, for now.

All around me, people I love are hurting and struggling. The response to my last post has been overwhelming; the number of people who reached out to me and shared their stories was touching, and humbling. Prayer needs are great, and they are many. My heart breaks in a thousand pieces for the ones I love who are fighting so hard to do right and honorable things; but I know my God and He reigns powerfully above all our problems. Plus He tends to crush it in the justice department so there’s that.

If you’re a pray-er, remember those people who are in the battle of a lifetime for their marriages. Remember children who are looking for stable homes and loving parents. Remember widows and orphans and cancer patients and their families. These are my relatives and best friends, my people, my heart.

There are days when I’m feeling pretty on top of the world, but I’ve been in the trenches a time or two. May God fill us with peace in every tough situation we find ourselves in; may we never neglect to help others make it out from where we’ve been.


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