28 weeks

I can’t believe I’m having twins.

I can’t believe I am having twins.

I can’t believe I am having twins.

This past week has been one whirlwind of non-activity. I’ve received an official diagnosis of gestational diabetes, which means I get to take a fun class with old ladies new to type II diabetes, nix my sugar and carb intake, plus prick my finger (*so fun*) five times a day. I can only hope insulin shots are not in my future and that I am able to control my blood sugar spikes and dips through diet. My high risk doctor called it two weeks ago, saying gestational diabetes was almost inevitable this time around, knowing I’ve had it before (with Arbor) and now being pregnant with twins.

Plus, as he pointed out, I am so dadgum elderly.

And it’s fine, because there are way worse things to go through than having to closely monitor my nutrition. I’ll prick my finger a thousand times a day if it means delivering 2 healthy babies in December.

That said, no sugar in my morning coffee does quite suck.

I went ahead and got my flu vaccine and a bonus shot to ward off pertussis; this is something the whole family will get to experience so that no one passes any dread disease to our newborns who will enter this world during flu season. New to me: winter babies, y’all! I’ve never given birth to anyone when it wasn’t at least 90 degrees outside.

I’m currently debating on whether or not to even have the kids (well, at least the littler kids) come visit the hospital, because all I can imagine is a certain 4-year-old licking public restroom doorknobs for no dang reason, and a toddler who is constantly putting her hands in her mouth after touching every germ-coated surface within reach.

To have folks visit in general is wigging me out, and not just because of flu season. Twins! I’m already out of my element here. If I know post-partum myself–and I do–I’m gonna be an anxiety-ridden, greasy, sweaty hot mess, at least until I get a grip on breastfeeding and sleeping more than twenty minutes at a time, not to mention what a baby I am when it comes to pain management. (I’m lookin’ at you, horrible itchy stitches in my abdomen!) I already just want to rest with my babies and curl up with my husband and children in our cozy quiet home alone, maybe eat some cheese or something, I don’t even know.


Other 28 weeks with twins symptoms: restless leg syndrome without fail at bedtime, acid reflux, aching hips, mega-fatigue, dizziness, breathlessness, insomnia, sleepiness, hunger, loss of appetite, and what feels like horrible electric shocks in the crotch, probably because I got one twin crowding my lungs and another jumping maniacally up and down on every other organ. I barely see my knees when I sit down. It’s basically an awesome party up in here, and I’m enjoying it so much that I’m unmotivated to do anything else at all ever.

Thankfully, Caleb is a stud when it comes to cooking, cleaning, and taking a teenager shopping for jeans (which is not something I love doing even with the energy levels of a non-Preggo half-marathon-hopeful.) But I am scared…so very scared.


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