30 weeks and a Top 5 Baby Product list

I’ve officially hit the wall.

Maybe it’s not the wall; maybe it’s just a wall. But it’s made of iron-coated lead bricks, and I’ve just smashed into it full speed.

They say 30 weeks in with twins feels like full term with one singular baby–and they would be right. I got the diabetes, the hormones, the indigestion, the Braxton Hicks, the Charlie horses, the stretch marks, the back pain, and the stuff nobody (including me) wants to talk about–ALL OF IT.

I’m nowhere near ready to start chugging castor oil, but I do occasionally (daily) cry in the bath, partly because it doesn’t relieve pain like I keep thinking it will; partly because I can’t get out of the tub by myself.

30 weeks is all about compression socks and pickle juice. I’ve already kicked off my own version of “No-shave November” out of necessity. Ah, pregnancy. It’s a magical freaking time.

Today I went in for a routine appointment which ended with me in a hospital room getting a steroid shot in ma butt. Thankfully no overnight stay was required, but I will get another shot tomorrow so my babies’ll have a boost in lung development, should anything labor-like go down sooner than we’re hoping for.

Obviously I want those twins to stay in my body until their appointed time (December 13th: seven weeks, two days, eight hours, and thirty minutes) but on the bright side, I’m logistically prepared for them on the home front. Their nursery is a go; every tiny onesie is folded and put away neatly, drawers of blankets and clothing all organized for the ultimate experience in parental convenience. We have the most important things that, in my head, one could ever need for a baby–a top five, if you will:

1) Rock’n’Play: We have two–one from a friend and one I found on sale. These were life savers with Arbor and Lucy–babies are semi-upright, snuggly and secure, and you can vibrate ’em and rock ’em off to sleep. Cradles for all the babies.

2. Twin-zee Pillow:

I normally don’t use anything when I breastfeed one lil’ ole baby, but with two at a time? I thought I might be able to use some help. And since a boppy was always nice to have with one baby, I thought I’d spring for the double version. If anything, my babies can sit and chill on the floor while I fold clothes or stare off into space.

3. Noise maker/soft night light:

This is so essential when it comes to keeping babies asleep in a loud dang household like ours, especially when the baby room is straight off the family room/kitchen where big kids be blasting “Thor” or where Arbor decides to blow on a recorder she found tucked far under the couch.

4. Snot-sucker:

It’s as disgusting as it sounds but it is worth every penny when your baby has a massive cold because so-and-so dropped her kid off in the church nursery with green snot dripping outta his nose from “allergies”. You simply put the red thingy in your mouth and the blue thingy in the baby’s nostril and you just…suck snot right up…yeah this a super gross contraption but you know what? You get desperate sometimes, and this thing works for real.

5. A double car seat caddy:

For a single baby I’d go with a travel system that can later on convert to a regular, usable stroller with an actual seat for older babies; but for twins, my biggest worry was carrying two car seats to every appointment or errand or outing, and this bad boy came highly recommend by every twin mom in the whole wide world. (We’ll purchase a separate double stroller later on when they’ve learned to sit up; maybe even a triple stroller since Lucy will still be of an age where she’d rather ride than walk.)

And there you have it–thirty whole weeks and ready to rock.


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