34 weeks

I’m late with this but I’m happy to finally report that I’ve turned a corner with twin pregnancy. No, I can’t suddenly breathe and I’m not any more comfortable, but I’m coping better. I’ve gotten used to the aches, pains, and exhaustion. I’m doing it. I’m almost there. Yeah sure, there’s a pretty PUPPPs rash sprouting up on my belly, and ok–yes, I’ve got dark circles under my eyes and a head in my ribs and a head forever pressing down hard on my bladder, but folks–WHAT IS ITCHING AND PEEING CONSTANTLY, I ask you, in the grand scheme of things, compared to carrying over ten pounds of very active babies, plus all their baggage, around on top of all my innards?

The answer is nothing.

Here I am serving up a tsunami of swagger at the end of a very long day of eating turkey and pie:

P.S.: Those aren’t bloody handprints on the wall behind me; Arbor had a habit last year (and all years) of plastering her grubby dirt-and/or-chocolate-covered fingers all over kingdom come, so we decided to just go with it and do some fun handprints along the walls. In hindsight perhaps red wasn’t the best choice, color-wise, to go with.


Weight gain: I’m a whopping total of 25 pounds up. The babies are estimated to be 5 pounds each which has helped settle my worries about their health a little bit. They are growing well.

Sleep: just….No.

Cravings: I’ve had a few weak moments involving sweets but I wouldn’t call it a craving. After my appointments the last two days, Caleb took me out to eat for what we considered “Doctor’s-office-followed-by-brunch dates” at adorable downtown Norman spots where I mos def polished off a bowl of shrimp & grits Monday, then honey-sriracha chicken & waffles on Tuesday. It was good to be me this week, and those sweet meals with Caleb were probably some of the last opportunities my husband and I will have for alone time of any kind for a long time.

Symptoms: same as last week, plus the rash and some itchiness on my belly. My blood pressure has remained most excellent. I have had zero swelling in my hands or ankles. Biophysical profile ultrasounds have gone beautifully.

Favorite Pregnancy Moment this week: My new church threw our family a baby shower–something I didn’t expect but my friend insisted on–and it was spectacular. Way more elaborately planned and decorated than I deserved; our babies are going to look fresh ta death in all the brother-sister twin outfits they received. Plus, DIAPERS.

My sweet friend wrote encouraging and hilarious messages on an entire pack of diapers, and tbh I actually can’t wait to read them and smile as I wipe baby butts in the middle of the night.

Those church girls ordered a cake for the twins based on my painting:

Please remember, we’re still fairly new to this church and these folks have lives and jobs and families and yet all of them were up decking the halls in shower paraphernalia the Saturday before.

I just loved the customized onesies left on the tables for the babies by older and younger generations alike:

The love lavished on our family at this shower bordered on ridiculous, and we are indescribably grateful.

A thing that’s started to freak me out: getting two of everything. Two fleece teddy bear ensembles. Two Disney-themed onesies. Two gift bags from one person. Two cradles set up in the nursery. Two dressers. I guess the concept of having twins (plural babies, not singular) hadn’t already sunk in? I’m starting to feel panicked, but only when I think about it.

So I just don’t think, period.

My mom sent two flippin’ sweet blankies that she sewed herself, and my 10-year-old niece made two babies pillows:

I can’t get over how much everyone is looking forward to the birth of these babies–probably so I’ll stop whining about not being able to walk or breathe. If we could all maintain this level of excitement on those nights when I’ve got two babies cluster feeding and sleeping only in 15-minute rotating increments and I’m covered in diaper-leakage and spit-up before the sun has risen, that’d be great.


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