Lol at my plans

That’s what I do, I roll with the punches and I know things.

Today I had a routine ultrasound and checkup on the twins. I’m sitting pretty at 36 weeks, +28 pounds, measuring 50 cm in the belly (that’s straight insane for people who don’t know), perfect blood pressure, zero swelling…

And way too many centimeters dilated for my doctor to be comfortable sending me home with my breech babies 50 minutes away from the hospital to wait out the coming week, through the impending doom from this weekend’s winter-weather.

So I’m having babies tomorrow!

Their room is ready. My room is ready. Our pantry is stocked. Our clothes are clean. Our kids are excited. Sitters are penciled in.

Caleb and I are kind of panicking but that’s nothing new, at least not for me.

Here’s one last shot of my gigantic alien-esque belly:

I gotta say, I look forward to being able to breathing easier and moving without pain. Overall, I’m grateful for a very healthy pregnancy and that I’ve even made it this long.

These little ones will be almost a full month early (well, just ten days before the previously scheduled c-section) but my doctor is awesome and I trust her completely; I’d also rather be safe than sorry because having my husband try and deliver breech twins without my epidural on a highway in an ice storm is not a thing I ever want to experience.

I can’t wait to meet these babies.


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