One day and prayer

So this morning, hospital folks were mentioning spinal taps and meningitis, jaundice, infections, ice storms and I just about lost my mind.

I hate writing when I can’t find the funny. I don’t want to talk, or text, or check in with anyone when I’m worried and tired and sore.

Plus, like clockwork, all the emotions that come on day three postpartum hit me like a bus…made of lead…sliding down an icy road into…

Man I don’t even know, I’m on the Percocet, so, truth be told, I’m blacking out here and there and I am not ashamed, cause recovering from a c-section is no freakin’ joke. Major major props to those no-limit-soulja moms who do this and take care of their newborns at the same time.

So naturally I posted sweet baby twin pix and sent a prayer request into orbit among our friends and family…

And now I get to give glory to God for the positive and promising news that came this afternoon: dem babies are lookin’ good. Their color is improving, their breathing is just about fine, and meningitis is a distant concern.

Still on antibiotics, still getting fed through tubes, but improving in so many ways.

Prayer, guys. It’s a whole thing, and my entire community was here for it today. God is so faithful.

I got to hold Duncan this evening:

And my heart pretty much exploded, as one does when face to face with cuteness of this magnitude.

Indie has an IV placed in her umbilical cord so there’s no snuggling her in my arms for now; but I’m hopeful.

Everything looks so much brighter than it did a short twelve hours ago. I might not be able to find the humor (well, I can, cause I’m tripping on pain meds somethin’ fierce) but I can sure see the good.


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