Days and nights are spent caring for big kids and mastering the art of twins. Feats of brilliance I’ve managed to achieve so far? Feeding two babies at once (well, miraculously handling two entire middle-of-the-night changing/feeding/burping/pumping sessions on my own.) Making carrot-and pepper soup and spooning it into freezer bags for lunches to be eaten at later dates. Brushing my teeth.

I’m doing it. It’s working.

And that’s it, that’s the update. That’s the blog.

Seriously tho? What did even DO with my time ten years ago?

I thought about making cookies or wrapping the very last of the presents but then sleeping in for the time that I could sounded better. Straightening my hair? Nah, I’ll eat breakfast and put on pants instead.

My goals for the next month include: snagging 5 minutes to ride my bike, and figuring out how to leave the house, ever, with four 4-and-under kids.

Also: this dairy-free lifestyle is not fun due to lack of cheese, but boy, is it ever optimal for my skin and guts. I feel totes fantastic lately.


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