Best Year Ever (The Picture Post)

2018 was officially an awesome year for me. I know I should’ve done this last week, but I’m taking some moments to just revel in thankfulness for all the cool shtuff.

I mastered momming four kids at a time, as evidenced by Arbor’s face here:

I enjoyed Cute Lucy coos and cuddles:

We went on the funnest family trip ever:

We moved to a new church.

Caleb joined the school board.

Caleb accepted a new job with a new company.

I ran 6 miles after only a couple weeks of training:

I found out I was pregnant and we bought a new car.

Then we found out we were having twins:

There was a summer full of fun and birthdays:

Mia’s high school softball team won themselves the state championship:

My kids were hilarious:

I got, like, so huge:

And then…something else happened…what was it?…can’t remember….

2018 could not have been more good to us.

Do I have resolutions and goals for 2019? Eh.

I think our best bet is to keep praying and just roll with whatever God brings us over the next twelve months.

Happy new year people!


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