I can’t believe that another entire week has gone by. Cheyenne had a great birthday. She made out like a bandit, as usual, and, also as usual, she’s ballin’ out of control. I guess that’s the norm for kids’ birthdays these days…but I don’t think I’ve ever held that much money in my hand at one time. Ever.
In my life.
For my 13th birthday, I got a new softball bat and maybe a Mariah Carey cassette tape. Cheyenne got a cell phone and $200, plus more. I’m scared to think of what Mia will expect when she turns 13.
Moving right along. I’ve gotten a couple sign orders lately–actual orders–and I couldn’t be more excited. Somebody likes my stuff enough to give me real live money for it! What?! My newest project is a sign that says "Saints". And here I was just thinking I could only do names–it never occured to me to capitalize on the love of football. A whole new door, people. A whole new door.
Preparing to prepare for my trip to Florida. I don’t want to get to excited because then the next 10 days will drag by…but knowing my family’s schedule, that would never happen, and we’ll be scrambling to get everything packed and in order the night before we leave. It is nature’s way.

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